"To all the members and contributors of Have A Heart - Please accept our sincere THANK YOU for all the financial support that you have provided to Human Resources. Your generosity has enabled us to reach out into the Southampton Community and touch the lives of the less fortunate and somehow make those lives just a little better." 
                                                                                                Thanks for all you do. 
                                                                                                Mary Ann Tupper, 
                                                                                                Human Resources of Southampton
"You have no idea what your donation of $3,000 did for the 8 people we chose to receive a donation.  We had hugs, tears, can't believe this has happened.  What a joy to see these people so happy.  One person was on her way to sell some of her brother's treasures, when we gave her the check.  She started to cry and shake with gratitude.  She was literally out of money for any necessity and this gave her a new life for a little while."
                                                                                                Lillian Woudsma
                                                                                                Director-Sag Harbor Food Pantry
"Dear Neighbors,
I wish to send a special thanks to you - for your wornderful gift, for all your continuing support for the outreach of the Padoquohan Medicine Lodge, Inc.  Please continue to hold us in your thoughts, and be assured that life is very much better right now for a family whose long years of living ina a dangersous situation are now making plans for their new life.  Thanks and peace be with you."
                                                                                                Rev. Holly Haile Davis, DD
                                                                                                Padoquohan Medicine Lodge, Inc.
"I was the recipient of your kind donation.  I cannot express how much it helped me.  I prayed so hard so that I could pay my taxes and Have A Heart was my angel.  Thank you again, so very much, for all your kind and generous works.  It's people like yourself that makes you see the kindness and caring that is, indeed, in the world."
"Your donation will help feed from 60 to 100 homeless and hungry of all ages once a month. We are very moved when we saw how much these dear people appreciate the meal. One gentleman serenaded us with a song and many people have told us how delicious the food is. It gives us a warm feeling to be part of this special outreach, and we are grateful to you for being part of it." 

                                                                                                Carol Johns
                                                                                                St. Mark's Church-Westhampton
                                                                                                Soup Kitchen Food Program      
"Thank you so much for allowing me to order clothes for my 9-year-old son. People like you make a difference. My son loves everything he got. Thank you again from a very appreciative family."
"Thank you so very much for your caring and generosity, year after year. Your donation will benefit direct the children of domestic violence by getting them new back to school clothes.
Your support makes progress possible."
                                                                                                Tracey A. Lutz
                                                                                                The Retreat-Domestic Violence Services

"Thank you for your timely donation. Last year we provided thirty families with food for traditional turkey dinners. By January and February, when outdoor jobs are scarce and employment is down, we were providing bags of food for forty families."
                                                                                                Nancy Kane
                                                                                                Springs Food Pantry

"With your support, we will continue to provide emergency assistance with rent, utilities, medical expenses and clothing. Your donation will help us also with the Adopt a Family Program during the holiday season."
                                                                                                MaryAnn Buquicchio 
                                                                                                Community Council-East Hampton
"It was the only Christmas present I received this year.  Thank you so much."
"I want to thank you and anyone else for the check I was given.  Just when you think you're not going to be able to pay the bills, someone wonderful comes along.  It's people like you that makes the world.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you."
P.O. Box 2316   ·   Southampton, NY 11969   ·   Phone: 631-287-1666   ·